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Custom-Tailored Clerical Clothing and Vestments

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Order Form by FaxOnline Order Form for Vestments






Price-list for Vestments

Hard Skoufo: $80
Soft Skoufo: $30
Koukouli (Cowl): $150
Vest: $100
Exoraso: Machine-stitched: $225
Exoraso: Hand-stitched: $325
Zostiko: w/o embroidering on sleeves and chest: $225
Zostiko: with embroidering on sleeves and chest: $250


Please call us if you have any questions about these vestments. Thank you.

We make and sell a variety of custom-tailored ecclesiastical vestments at the Monastery. If you are interested in purchasing vestments from us, please call the Monastery before placing an order, in order to verify that we are able to complete your request. Then you may fill out either the Online Order Form or the Faxable Order Form in order to send the order details to the Monastery. If you have any questions regarding the vestments that we tailor, or the ordering process, then please do not hesitate to call the Monastery at 815-943-3588 to ask for assistance.

The Online Order Form may be typed directly into your web browser and the information will be sent to the Monastery over the internet. The Faxable Order Form may be downloaded to your computer, where you may either type the information in the editable fields, or hand-print the information. Then the form may be sent either by fax or by postal mail to the Monastery. Further instructions are included on each of the forms.

Hard Skoufo - Top View

Hard Skoufo - Front View

Hard Skoufo - Side View


Soft Skoufo - Front View Soft Skoufo - Top View

Koukouli (Cowl) - Side View

Koukouli (Cowl) - Front View

Koukouli (Cowl) - Back View

Exoraso - Front View

Zostiko (Anteri) - Front View

Vest - Front View